We are a legit company.

Chicago Humor is a BBB approved website despite our slanderous competition saying otherwise.

Someone lied to us.

Blind parental support can be a tragic influence that can manifest itself in a variety of different ways, in this instance, it’s a shirt company. If our mothers would have humored us less...


Midwestern pride. Midwestern hospitality.

First, we believe that Chicago is the best city in the world despite it being the most disgusting. And just like our alley rat infested Chicago hearts, our products are here to spread the joy of Chicago; one shirt, one item, one sticker at a time. We take care of our customers in the exact way we’d wish to be taken care of — with a snarky smile and an extra side of giardiniera.


Whuddya say.

We greatly appreciate your business. Why? Every purchase made contributes to the Chicago economy... and proves that my step-dad Craig is as smart as he thinks he is. Starting this company was a good idea Craig. My mom doesn’t really love you Craig. Fuck you Craig. On top of all this, it allows us to have the greatest job a Chicagoan could ask for*.

A One Design Co. affiliate


*There are a lot better jobs in Chicago.